Thanks for visiting my blog. I am Monika Satote, a Mechanical Engineer, currently employed in a full-time job. But when I am not working, you will always find me doing several things. I love to read books, write poems and do all other creative things. I run a Bookstagram page on Instagram where I post all the bookish stuff and reading tips. I always believe that it is essential to find time for what you are passionate about because passion rules us all.​

Now that you are on my blog, let me tell you more about this space.

I started this blog with my poems, hence the title nomadic musings. But with time, I realized that I can't express everything through poems and that's why I decided to post some freestyle blogs so that I can share my experiences. I also post detailed book reviews and reading tips here. You can check the different categories as per your interest. 

I hope you love my content. 

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