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100 Great Indian Poems : A collection poems from Indian poets spanning over last 3000 years

This homage we pay

To the great writers of yore:

Our own language too

We adore:

An immortal part of our soul

- Uttararamacarita of Bhavabhuti I.I

A paragraph from the Editor's note: This anthology opens with an ancient verse by Bhavabhuti, which, looking over its shoulder, remembers the achievements of past masters but not without offering homage to the language – the vehicle of poetic spirit all over the world. May poetry live on, and languages thrive in our troubled world.

100 Great Indian Poems covers the poems written in twenty-eight of India's languages ( translated in English) spanning over last 3000 years of literature. It includes the poems by famous as well as unknown poets of India. This book is a great example of bringing diverse literature under one roof. 

All the poems are of course beautiful and diverse. The themes of these poems range from love, nature, emotions, psychology to literature, books and much more. The poems are of course meaningful and soulful but I felt that the essence of some native words lost in translation. I always feel that translation can affect the quality of original work but on the other hand, it gives access to us to the diverse literature. So, I guess, that balances very well. 

I recommend this book to poetry lovers who are in search of diverse Indian literature from various eras.

" Poetry Survives the poets because of its timeless and intrinsic value."

Note: The author/editor Abhay K has mentioned in his note that felt that many great poems/ verses could not find a place in this anthology because of the unsuccessful translations and inability to get permissions.

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