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5 Fun & Diverse Illustrated Children's Books for Young and Adults

Books play a vital role in the development of an individual and that is the reason they say 'readers are leaders'. So, the gift of reading is the best gift you can give to your children. I know it can be tough to make them sit and read, but in such case, illustrated books can help you. I have a list of 5 such books that will amuse your kids and entertain you too. So, have a look at these recommendations.

Clouds & Waves by Rabindranath Tagore

This dream-like composition by Tagore is one of the simplest books that profoundly explores a child's imagination and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. This poem tells how content and safe children feel with their mothers, and they can refuse extreme appeals for them. It felt incredibly personal and heartwarming.

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The Return of Jabberwock

This adventurous book is a little scary (for kids) with some great creative scenes. It is about a boy and his quest to find his own Jabberwock, a huge creature his grandfather defeated once. With an engaging plot and imaginative illustrations and open ending, this book can bring great creativity out of your kids.

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Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed

This book promotes positive behavior among kids. It is about a little girl Mary whose one act of kindness changes many lives. Though the story is for young readers, I highly recommend it to adults as well. It will surely make you feel good and will inspire you to do something kind.

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I didn’t do my homework because… by David Coli

This is a fun book full of absurd excuses for not doing the homework. I was laughing so hard while reading this and I am sure this is going to amuse kids too because the excuses used are not the usual ones. And the illustrations are top-notch. If you are a teacher, you can read/show this cute and fun book to your students too.

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The Bad Seed by Jory John

The bad seed is an amazing book that is about the power of positive change. It’s about a sunflower seed that has bad manners, bad temper and bad attitude. Everybody teases it. But one day, this seed decides to change itself and what happens later will make you feel amazing. If you read this as an adult, you will understand how a little change in attitude can bring great outcomes. A good read for young and old readers.

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Hope you enjoy these books!

Note : Except for the Cloud and Waves, all other books are available on Scribd for free. Sign up & get 60 free days of reading with numerous ebooks & audiobooks for young & old readers.


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