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A Book of Simple Living by Ruskin Bond is a meditative and soothing read

I will keep this simple. This is the book I am going to pick up and read a page or two when my life is out of control. It is meditative, soothing and simple.

A Book of Simple Living is a collection of brief notes from the hills and journal entries of Mr. Bond. When I was reading this book, I wanted to live and own those memories - simple yet extraordinary. This book feels like a pat on your back when you need it the most. It is full of positivity, comfort and homelike feelings. It is about making you feel great about yourself and your life. It includes others only in terms of love, care and sharing. This book endorses the joy of solitude and that's the best thing about this book.

As a person who loves to be surrounded by sceneries, I found some of the chapters very close to my heart. Very much. This book is an ode to nature. The way we get to implicitly run into the natural world, hear the humming sounds of birds, see the wildflowers moving with the air is incredible. Through some chapters, we also get to witness beautiful moments from Mr. Bond’s life. A part of a chapter is about his writing style and how he connects with his readers. When he talks about his father’s role in his writing journey, he sounds so warm and merry.  

“Happiness is a mysterious thing, to be found somewhere between too little and too much.”

I don’t want to say much. As a fan of Ruskin Bond, I will never comment on his writing style as he is the writing legend for me. ( and for most of us) With every book, my love for him is just growing. This book follows a lyrical narration, a type of narration I admire a lot. So, that was a double treat for me. I just want you to read this book, admire this book and cherish this book. 

If you feel turbulence in your mind, or life, is taking away your peace of mind. Just pick this book up. Pretty please. And I know, I just know that all of us need such a handbook in our lives. 

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