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A cute, warm and fun read for kids and adults - The Gopi Diaries : Coming Home by Sudha Murthy

The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home is the first book in the series of three books for kids about a cute pup called Gopi. He gets his new home in Rohan's house. There, he meets Ajji and Tachi Ajii and Ajja... and cute little girls that adore him a lot. This small book is written from Gopi's perspective, and it was too amusing to read. I have no experience with dogs, or for that matter, with any pet. So, I don't know what it goes into taking care of animals. But needless to say, love and care are vital.   

An amazing children's book to know about animal's feelings, especially if you are getting a pet for your kid. Also, some great learnings in an easy and paw-dorable way. If you are a parent, give it a shot. Read it to your kid. And did I mention the cute and colourful illustrations by Sandhya Prabhat? Too good to skip. At the end of the book, I got to know that Gopi is a real-life pup in the Murthy family. So, the book is an account of Sudha Murthy's experiences with her dog, Gopi.  Looking for something fun, warm and short to read? Pick it up :) Especially if you love or have dog(s)  Maybe, you will find it way more relatable.

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