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A week in my life

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The curtains closed Of my expectations, On Sunday evening. I realized People care more About their time only. Because all of my plans got cancelled.

As usual, The thought of Monday morning Haunted me. It all went lazy, as expected. I was late for the work All over again.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had less work. So, I wrote a few verses and kept them in my journal only,

As I always do. I ordered food, On Thursday; For lunch. And had it all alone. Because I didn't want to share "The Biryani"

Yaay! It was Friday again. Excited all day, I made a to-do-list for the weekend. I watched my favorite TV series till 2 am, On Friday Night.

Saturday it was. It all went to bed, almost. And I didn't even tick anything off From my to-do-list. This Sunday, I am not making any plan. I am going to read My favorite novel, All over, again.

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