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It was just another weekend of my life. I was walking slowly in the Bhaji Market because I was in no hurry. The to-do list for this weekend was ready. But I was too lazy to tick things off and make them happen in real. Anyway, this is the story of my each weekend. I had to come to market because there was nothing at home that I could eat. I was very hungry and those cravings took me to the sweet shop. I had some local Indian sweet called ‘jalebi ’. I am very fond of it as it’s the main sweet item in marriages in my locality. I actually prefer eating sweets in the morning because I don’t really care about calories. When I was done with jalebis, I had some Chai. So, that was my Saturday’s breakfast and the picture of it was my Instagram story. While posting it, I heard some noise. I disregarded it completely and posted my story with hash tag Saturday. I heard that noise again. I could not resist myself and followed that noise. I saw a ‘bhajiwali’ was shouting at a man who was not quite as well. I always show keen interest in small things around. This quarrel engrossed me suddenly and I kept my phone in my pocket. There was a huge crowd .I went there and asked that lady that ‘what happened?’ She literally started crying and said ‘This man is my daughter’s teacher and he terrorize me about her grades and bargain for vegetables daily. Every day, I give him stuff at the cost of his choice. Today, he is asking me for free. I am tired of his singling out.’ It shocked me. Teachers are supposed to be pillars of the nation. I could not digest the repulsive reality of our society. That person was standing there brazenly and I could not do anything. I was helpless. All I could do was to register a complaint in school. I told that ‘bhajiwali’ to not worry and asked her to register a complaint. She stopped crying and that person went off without any guilty. I don’t know if that lady registered any complaint or not. If she did, I am not sure of the punishment that teacher must have got. I am not sure of anything. But that day, while coming back from market I was thinking incessantly. I was disturbed with the callous truth and fake comforts. It wasn’t just another weekend of my life.

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