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Book Review: Lift me higher - Poems for young wisdom and why your child needs this by Amit Chhabria

The most thrilling yet challenging phase of everyone’s life is teenage. I would say, if you get the appropriate direction to life in this stage, life becomes easy. Maybe a few words of wisdom and a peek into reality. Ordinarily, many people get distracted and misguided in their teenage which channels so many issues later. I believe all of us have been through this. I have some encounters where I was duped. Favorably, no harm occurred. But don’t you think that a little mistake can cause a terrible loss in one’s life? So, in that case, the most imperative thing is the right dosage of sanity and guidance.

I read a book that can be a good read for young readers. This will not solve any problems but it will surely provide a different perspective.

Lift me higher is a collection of poems divided into eight chapters. Each chapter is based on the author's enlightenment. All poems that are like truth bombs for young people, who are in the stage of knowing the outer world, the teenagers. The themes of the poems are diverse based upon various aspects of life. No poem feels unreal or something like romanticization of defeat or victory.

Dance as if the night is yours

Walk as if the world is yours

Sing with the music that is in you

and claim your life because it is yours

The poems are written in the easiest language possible. I was reminded of a few poems ( language-wise) I wrote when I was in 8th or 9th standard. So, with that simplicity, the poems are completely fitting to read for the schoolgoers. There’s no rocket science or unnecessary metaphors.

The only thing I noticed lacking is the poems could have been a little more rhythmic and conclusive. I loved the themes but some poems ended abruptly. This, I am saying as an adult though. If I were a teenager, then this book could have been the perfect read for me. So, yes! The most optimum readers for this book are the teenagers because as adults, we expect more and some things from these poems seem to be known or too general. But the kids stepping into the real world may not know these things. They get carried away and follow the trends and crowd. This book can be a poetic handbook for young people to explore the realities of life like a little peek into the real world.

Heads up: If you are looking for rhythmic poems with a high dosage of the metaphors, this book may not be for you.


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