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  • Monika Satote

CINDERELLA LIBERATOR : Feminist retelling of a classic story

“ But there isn't actually a most beautiful person in the world, because there are so many kinds of beauty. Some people love roundness and softness, and other people love sharp edges and strong muscles. Some people like thick hair like a lion's mane, and other people like thin hair that pours down like an inky waterfall, and some people love someone so much they forget what they look like. Some people think the night sky full of stars at midnight is the most beautiful thing imaginable, some people think it's a forest in snow, and some people... Well, there are a lot of people with a lot of ideas about beauty. And love. When you love someone a lot, they just look like love.”


I am quite sure that a lot of legends and fairytales are out-of-date. And also questionable in many ways. I always try to bring my niece and nephew out of the boxes that their schools, rhymes, and the ‘moral’ stories put them into. It’s shocking, right? Schools, stories, and books, all of these are supposed to make kids smarter, compassionate and thoughtful. But in most cases, the purpose isn't served. What a sad truth.

Rebecca Solnit's retelling "Cinderella liberator" has a wholesome feminist take on the classic Cinderella story. This retelling contends a lot of conservative elements at the same time: On friendships, relationships, beauty standards, identity, economic future of women and independence. Cinderella meets her fairy godmother, goes to a ball, and be friends with a prince. From this point ahead, the story changes. Cinderella or Ella do not wait for the prince to rescue her, rather she transforms herself in a way that she could save herself and even helps others. The plot twist is so refreshing and amazing. Also, the afterword of this book is as fascinating as this book. Rebecca, the author, talks about Cinderella Metamorphosis and her writing process.

This super short book may sound heavy for kids looking at the themes it covers but that's not the case. It has very lucid language and some stunning illustrations.

We definitely need more stories like this.

I highly recommend.

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