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Clouds and Waves by Rabindranath Tagore, Illustrations by Sunaina Coehlo | Katha India

When it comes to Indian ( rather Asian) literature, you cannot miss the poems and books by Rabindranath Tagore (Gurudev). You just cannot.  I have read the short stories by him, but this was my first time reading his poetry.

Cloud and Waves is a beautiful poem story about a child and it's imagination.  The child tells her mother that the folks who live up in the clouds and the waves tempt her to play with them. These folks look like gods, and they try to influence her with the things she cannot get on the Earth. But the child refuses to go and tells them that she doesn't want to leave her mum alone. There's a perception of integrity in her words.  Preferably, she chooses to engage in role-plays with her mother and play together. So that she will stay with her mother and nobody in the world will know their whereabouts.

This dream-like composition with illustrations felt like a warm blanket and hot chocolate on a cold winter night.  Gurudev explored the child's imagination and her unbreakable bond with her mother. This poem tells how content and safe children feel with their mothers, and they can refuse extreme appeals for them. It felt incredibly personal and heartwarming.

Mark my word. If you read this, it will leave a mark on your heart.

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