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Dear Mother, I want to be like you

They say, you are unique

And don’t have to be like any other

But deep down in my heart

I crave to be like my mother

I want that strength and patience

She secretly holds inside her

The control she has over her fear and anger

And making love, her biggest armour

She is all the people

A doctor, philosopher and the teacher

Is there anything she can’t do?

No, I can’t think of anything either!

What makes her so perfect

Her sacrifices or the compassion?

How come she doesn’t get tired

Even after getting all the things done?

O mother, you are the only one

Who can teach me to be like you

But how do I get your powers you will get while teaching me

As all of them will be new

You live with all the rules

And still rule your house

How do you play so many roles

A mother, a daughter and a spouse

Is there any scheme of being a magician

Once you have your own children?

I have so many questions and

And still answers to none.

Even if I become

Five percent of the person you are

It will be my biggest achievement

From which I am very very far!


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