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I am at threshold me.... Neither transition nor critical stage it is I am  Struggling between stability of heart and entropy of my mind. Entropy is  dominating off course. At this stage,  I can go  for entropy but Alas! I  am going with stability. I don't want  my free energy to be drain. I am very  Kinematic about my life. I want that rushing factor in my life. A quick step, whatever it cause,wherever it lead to but quick.... Degree of freedom is high But motion is restricted.... Gravity isn't there to put me down.. Neither my density is so low to float... I don't want to sink within myself... I don't want to change my irreversible destiny... Neither Unspoken theories nor proved theorems I have... No complex, No rational world I live in.. I just want relativity, Mechanisms to drive myself And radius to check my life's circumference.. Corrosion of thoughts is not allowed here I need a bearing to lubricate... Coupling of my thoughts to transmit my power to whatever I am doing A way to defect free state... I want a " Eureka " in my life .. "Eureka" of myself....



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