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Everyone of us go there!

Stars follow some patterns, And so do we. Yes! What if I say that We belong there. Everyone of us go up there , and be one of them; once we are dead. Don't laugh! My grannie told me this once; and I trust her. Because now she is one of them, And she shines above my head, every night. She went there to tell me, Why do we go there? I waited for her But she didn't come back. Don't worry. I got my answers; by looking at her.

We go there, to find out What went wrong, Throughout our lives. We look down, At other's life; And regret about how and when we did hurt them . We go there, To be a part of constellation, In order to meet people In star form, to whom ; We were supposed to meet In our lives. We go there; To shine. and sometimes; After being a star , We fall down. To fulfill someone's wish.

Yes! Everyone of us go there.

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