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Five people I met in hell

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The first person I met in hell is one of my old classmates who once killed a butterfly. I told her not to, but she did. Now she sings, Sitting in the chair, alone.

The second one is The Pizza maker. Who once put the thinnest mozzarella layer on my favourite pizza.

Third is, My Boss. Who always left me in a state of hopeless despair, No matter what. Now everyone yells at him.

The fourth one is, That one uncle who always used to Taunt me about my short hair. Now he is the Barbour of hell.

And the fifth one is The shop-owner of the new shop, which replaced my favourite Golgappa place. Now he sells some ugly things over there.

You would think, Why am I here? I once wished, all these people should go to hell.


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