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Gently Falls the Bakula - Book Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

A quick update: I read only 3 books in 2019 and then unexpectedly went into reader’s block. I was already in writer’s block and this was an unnecessary addition. At the end of 2019, I was very pissed at myself. I had resources and I wasn’t using them. Well, writer's block was acceptable, because sometimes your creative juices just don’t flow, but readers block was not, because you have so many options. So, to deal with readers block, I decided to read something short and simply written in 2020. I started my year with Unposted letter followed by three thousand stitches. I read these books and finally came back to normal reading phase.

The third book I read in 2020 is first ever novel written by Sudha Murthy - “Gently falls the Bakula”

When you start reading this book, it sounds pretty much like a Bollywood love story. And then it suddenly starts taking bitter turns. If someone asks me to describe this book in a sentence, I would say – A story of a failed marriage. I was reminded of another book have read of Sudha Murthy – Dollar Bahu.

I will not disclose the exact story because that is something a reader should enjoy via the exact words. What Sudha Murthy tried to convey through this book is the way Indian society think of marriage and how women end up being disempowered (Mostly). This book is written before a long time, and still, this is true in some respects. This is not to generalise the concept of marriage, but I have seen such examples. Women end up giving away their aims and independence for the sake of their husband, family and responsibilities.

In a marriage, it is observed that because of the settlements, job advancements, one has to settle and the other one has to adjust. In eight out of 10 cases, the one who adjusts is a woman. Even after so many sacrifices, the woman has to go through questions like ‘what do you know?’, ‘what do you for this house’ etc. Nobody addressed her ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. The same thing happens to the lead character of this book, Shrimati.

To convey this message, the author has used a very simple and straightforward language. I personally did not like the start of the story because it revolves around the repetitive things but as I read further, the further events made me complete this book in a day. I was curious that what this woman is going to do? I was imagining myself at her place and playing those arguments in my head.

“Ugly ducklings often turn into beautiful swans when they are tested.”

There is no final conclusion to the story, but I was happy with the decision made at the end. I would have loved to see what happens further. The author did a good job of justifying the title so well.

My takeaways from the book

1. Never ever give up your independence and education for anyone, no matter how much you love someone.

2. No relationship can run on a person. It needs fuel from both sides. Love does not grow without efforts.

3. While doing so many things for others, always remind yourself to take care of your needs and desires.

This is a short read. I am confused if I should recommend this or not to girls who are getting married because a part of me wants to warn them for a few things and other one wants to not to panic them.

Stay tuned for more reviews. Special Note: I am not going to rate any book by numbers, because I feel that, it takes everything for an author to come up with any book. Every book is unique in its own way.

Happy reading!

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