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Graduation Poem

Updated: May 7, 2020

A night before my graduation, a train of thought was running on my mind. What all I have done to be the person I am today, and still, I feel unrefined. Textbooks used to make me cry only to realize that my marks won't help me make create a mark; it's me and only me, that will help this journey to embark Deadlines did ache my body, Only to make me believe that there is no end to what you do. Define and redefine and fight all the blues Friends, mates and some strangers, I got to know so many people, Only to realize, In the end, there are very few who will by my side. A strong sense of being myself pierced into me by going through those four years, I realized that nothing comes for free. Many things to come ahead, many experiences to live further, Challenges are lined up for me already and things ain't going to be smoother When I look back to realize the terrible mistakes I made, and still, I want those days back, with whatever the best I can trade.

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