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Herlot of Alonia by Maria Rosestone : Book Review

Herlot of Alonia is the first book in the fantasy trilogy that is about alchemy, magic, unicorns, emperors and a lot of adventures. It is a story of courage and survival that revolves around a girl Herlot, born and brought up in Alonia, a part of Eraska. As a kid, Herlot is always sidelined by people because they find her different due to her strange birth. One day, while playing in the forest, she finds a magical friend Devioto, a unicorn. But this friendship comes with some conditions. Devioto wants Herlot to keep his existence hidden because of past events in his life.

On the wedding day of Herlot’s brother, some men of King Felix of Isolda invade the land of Eraska, and that changes everything. Herlot loses the people she loves. In these troubling times, her magical friend Devioto saves her. Herlot leaves her homeland along with Devioto and goes on a remarkable journey to save other Eraskians. Her journey gets equally magical and deadlier. Herlot meets new people, loses a few. She finds out her magical abilities, which come with some responsibilities. But troubles occur and she starts questioning her powers.

But some things don’t need explanations. Some things are about a feeling, something you sense in your heart. What we believe is the truth, too. Think about how much wonder in this world you might be missing out on because you don’t have the ability to believe something just because you’re not used to it.

Will Herlot succeed and save her people? Is magic real or just her imagination? What is a secret behind the unicorns and their world? There’s a mystery. So, saying another word may give out many potential spoilers. As a book one in the trilogy, this book ends on a perfect cliffhanger.

If you have ever loved the movies like The Lord of Rings, Moana, Brave, How to Train your dragon, etc, then this book is going to vibe with you at many levels. With exemplary characters and unique storyline, Rosestone delivered a classic fantasy novel one can ask for. As you read, you see characters growing in the story. Every character comes with unique traits of their own. The only thing I disliked is, some of the characters that are introduced in early chapters were missing from the running story and appeared at the end directly, especially the villainous ones. I think some appearances of those characters might have helped me know more about them. Probably, the author must have reserved a part for them in upcoming parts.

In my opinion, the narration is of this book heavy but engaging. Maria displayed her great storytelling abilities in this book. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to polish all the conversion of such a bulky book. And oh dear lord, the book is really long but worth a read.

If you are a fantasy lover and can read big books, then take my word - You are going to love this book. Go for it. Highly recommended.

Some of my favorite lines from the book are quoted below:

Nothing has no limitations. Nothing is everything. Out of nothing came the stars.Out of nothing came the planets. Out of nothing came the moon. And out of nothing came the sun.


Magic is too complex and mysterious for most to understand. And it doesn’t like to be studied. It might leave a trail for you to follow, but only for the purpose of witnessing your reaction when you discover you have been walking in circles. It will break law some day and follow them to a precision the next. It makes a mockery of us all, but it is not nonsense, Prince. I also have a feeling that it likes the girl, and my guess is that it has a plan for her.


Light was the biggest temptation for someone who had spent years in darkness.


Cry, Herlot. Always cry. Just like the rain. The clouds break after a rain to let the sunshine through. Tears are your sorrow, to open the way for your love to shine through.


I just don't believe anyone should wait until their burdens are resolved to be happy.


Confusion is a painful emotion.


Everything magical originates from the heart.

So, you see. This book delivers some great life lessons too!

Overall, I loved this book. I highly recommend.

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