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Kids and Cubs by Olga Perovskaya is a heartwarming book of animals stories

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Let's know a little about the author and the book first :

Olga Perovskaya ( 1902-1961) was a children's writer in the erstwhile Soviet Union. She is best known for her book Kids and Cubs based on her childhood memories in Kazakhstan. This book is recognized around the world and has been translated into diverse languages.

Through Kids and Cubs, we get to see Olga and her family’s close relationship with the young animals that her forester father used to bring home. The stories stars wolves (Dianka and Tomchik), a baby deer (Mishka), a tiger (Vaska), a fox (Frantik) and a horse (Chubary). Olga and her sisters had a special bond with each pet. These stories highlight the animal behaviors and their relationships with humans in a beautiful way. The stories are interesting and heartwarming to read, but the departure events of these animals from the lives of the author and her family will make you sad.

I loved reading this book so much, but I could not connect much the way I should have because I have never had a pet personally. My family had a dog and a rabbit when I was a kid, but I had no personal connection with them. I feel the people with pets will be able to connect more with this book than the ones who have no experience with animals.

The cover is so so adorable. Just look at it. And the title is so apt. It is not a graphic novel, but it has some related illustrations in the stories. So, I loved that part too.

This book is suitable for a person of any age even though it falls under kids' classics. I am just not sure how kids will take some saddening events in the stories.

For me, it was a refreshing and unique read.

Thanks to Niyogi Books for sending me this gorgeous copy to read and review.

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