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Legal Fiction by Chandan Pandey ( Vaidhanik Galp)

Legal Fiction by Chandan Pandey

Originally written in Hindi as "Vaidhanik Galp", translated by Bharatbhooshan Tiwari

If civilization had indeed progressed, it should have been progressed in a direction where no one needed to see their beloved killed in front of them or made to disappear.

Arjun Kumar, a writer based in Delhi receives a call from his ex-girlfriend Anasuya. This call is, of course, unexpected. They haven’t spoken in years and settled in their own lives. This isn’t about them though. It’s about Anasuya’s husband, Rafique Neel, a professor and theatre director who has gone missing. Arjun leaves for Noma (where Anasuya leaves) the same night. When he reaches there, he also gets a news of the disappearance of one of Rafique’s students, Janaki. He soon realises that there is something that is not normal because police are not cooperating on this case, Janaki is missing, and the community labels it a case of Love Jihad. When Arjun involves himself fully in the matter, he finds out some shocking facts.

It was a short and raging novel to read. I personally feel that this has a potential of a great movie. This story touches upon so many sensitive themes and highlights the darker side of modern India. Even though it's a thriller, it moderately paces through scenes and unfolds the different layers of the story. Overall, a good one time read. But, if you love reading fast paced thrillers, this may not be a right book for you.

TW: Islamophobia, discrimination, injustice

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