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Me and My To-Do Lists

Updated: May 21, 2020

People have their ways to stay motivated and get work done. I have my way and that is using my to-do lists. I have this long-term relationship with to-do lists, and I don’t think, I will ever be able to get work done without them. In this blog, I am going to make known my way of using to-do lists. So, let’s get started.

To do list
1. I use pen and paper; you can use apps.

I have lots and lots of diaries for various purposes because I just love to write, note things down, journal what I feel, etc. So, there are 2 diaries/notepads specifically dedicated to my to-do lists. There are many apps available to do this, but I am old-school like that. So, I just jot it down every day. I have tried some apps but they constantly remind you by sending scary notifications and it stresses you out.

2. I enlist the small tasks too

Yes, and that helps. Listing down every small task helps you to keep the record of what you have done and what is left because we tend to forget the small things and then regret it when they become a problem. Another advantage is, small tasks get done faster and you get the motivation to do bigger ones. Believe it, this is the trick you can use to trick yourself. ( haha )

3. I arrange all the tasks as per priority

When it comes to prioritizing your tasks for the day, to-do lists are the best tool to use. I arrange my tasks in descending order of importance so that I should know which task will affect me a lot if I don’t do it. It reduces a lot of confusion and stress.

4. The happiness of ticking things off is unmatched

They say, happiness can be found in the smallest things and I cannot agree more. And that smallest thing can be anything, even ticking things off your to-do list. It doesn’t only make you happy but there is added satisfaction.

5. Gives me some ‘Me time’

Getting time for yourself is as important as giving time to the people who mean a lot to you. So, to get some time for yourself, you need to complete your everyday work first. To get it done faster and on time, to-do lists play an important role. No matter how simple and cliché it sounds, it works effectively.

6. Maintain different to-do lists

I use different lists for work and home. It helps you stay focused at work when you need to finish job-related work. And when you are home, you can do your work as per your list. It helps to keep your personal and professional life at their places.

That’s all about my way of using to-do lists. What do you do to get things done?


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Kishor Navghare
Kishor Navghare
May 10, 2020

last was nice one

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