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My lost novel

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Because that morning, I could not find my favourite novel Near my pillow.

Restless, Scared, and with watery eyes; I started searching for it Everywhere.

The first tear rolled down my cheeks, With my most favourite quote in my head from it, I sat on my bed, helplessly.

Crumbling under the weight of fear of losing that novel, My heart started beating faster.

"Big deal! Buy it again." You would say.

I know, I can buy it again. But it won't come up with the quotes that are underlined; my musings on page number seventy-five, Sketches were drawn near my favourite incidents ; and with the end that I wrote there, In a way that I wanted; In my own handwriting.

And I don't know, If I will be able to complete five hundred and seventy-six pages ; In a day. I really don't know.

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