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I was wide awake. Alone, Lying on my bed. Startled, confused, tired. Thinking of my unbeatable solitude.

As usual Night hugged me in my solitude, tightly. The most inconvenient phase for others but still of my convenience.

The moonlight was beaming down through my window,

Giving me the courage to miss people, who don't even miss me. "I want to get rid of my frustration" , I shouted. Nobody was there to reply. I face-palmed.

I penned a few lines. My tears managed to spread that ink, effortlessly. I buried few of my worries,  benevolent Night helped me dig in. Then I turned on my favorite song and I don't know when I closed my eyes. Midnight kicked away some of my blood-curdling nightmares.

My scars were fainter than ever; My heart was lighter than ever; All the aches were settled. A little cold and a little lonely; with every strike of the Clock; Night was over.

I woke up next morning; With hopes; To meet my everyday companion, Night ; in my solitude, Again

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