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Reading Ego Less by Karishma Singh Jani was a unique experience for me : A Review

Egoless by Karishma Singh Jani is a poetry book that I experimented a lot with. I applied some tips of reading poetry to this book and it was a different experience for me. Filled with diverse themes, this collection of poems intends to tell you that “You are a process” and there’s always a room for growth and taking in love, healing, spirituality and different perspectives on different situations.

The book is divided into three parts namely Ego, Glimpse and Less. The first part Ego talks about desires, addiction and pain & fear that hides behind anger and hate respectively. The second part glimpse is more about the self part. It addresses the topics like recognition, natural beauty, body positivity, presence and love. The third part is about mystic and spirituality.

In all the poems, no matter what the theme is, there is a taste of inspiration and hope of better tomorrow. Some poems inspire you to move on and let things go. Some sections are dedicated to love poems but I saw some twists in those poems like no other. Rarely the books provide you with some emotional education about relationships with others, and with yourself too. This was that book for me.

Some of Karishma’s poems are the angry ones such as the poems on racism, womanhood, body shaming, the condition of immigrants etc. And on the other hand, you also see the poems about breaking points and the threshold emotions.

There are some poems I could not connect with from the last section because of the hint of spirituality ( as I personally do not seek for spiritual awakening) but to my surprise, those poems were so full of wisdom. I enjoyed those poems because of the structure of poems and words used! Ah, I loved the words used in this book.

One of the poems called “I question my own construction” had two words and I loved them so much that I wrote around 2000 words on that theme. The words are : Homeless Freedom and locked-up love. How thought provoking are these two contradictory words?

Overall, this was a unique experience for me. If you are looking for a poetry collection with diverse themes with a hint of spirituality, then you can go for this book.

Note : All monetary profits made from this book will be donated to Khalsa Aid, an international humanitarian relief charity which provides emergency aid to people in natural disaster areas and civil conflict zones.

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Some of the favorite lines from the book :

Even nationality is a social construction

so what stirs their blood to fight for those red stripes

while persecuting their neighbors to abandon their diversity?

The nomads exist only of the world,

they owe no allegiance to a single piece of land,

they don’t believe in owning land;

it is of everyone and for everyone.

Every season's wave

True love is timeless, it stays

Marked in hearts, always.

If our love is true

We will find the seeds to set

And bloom gardens too.

Tell me the difference between

homeless freedom

and a locked-up love.

Destruction is an illusion so

there is only birth after birth,

creation and destruction only to then create again.

You are a process.


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