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Reading Multiple Books At A Time : Good Or Bad?

Reading books can become an addiction. A good type of addiction. I know many people who crave for good stories and lots and lots of books. People hoard books and grow their TBR as tall as possible. In this crazy crave story, most of the readers end up reading multiple books at a time. Is that good? Is that bad? Is it effective?

This question is asked to many book readers/reviewers and bloggers. And sometimes they manage to answer, but most of the time, they tend to ignore this question. Because what works for them, may or may not work for you. There is no right way of reading. But this topic needs a discussion. I feel so. ( Not a debate though) So, I decided to write a blog post on this topic. And I am leaving my thoughts below and would love to know yours in the comment section.

What does it mean by reading multiple books?

Very simple. Reading more than one book at a time. It can be 2, 3,4 or more.

Why do people read multiple books at a time?

I always say that “To each their own”, but I would like to state some potential reasons to read multiple books at a time.

  1. The professional book bloggers/ reviewers have targets to read and review books within a particular period.

  2. Some people find it boring to read one book at a time.

  3. Some people prefer this method. Simple.

  4. Some people do it to read more.

  5. Maybe they are a part of a readathon.

And the list goes on.

Is it good?

Yes, of course. As far as the reader is enjoying and not getting confused, it is very much fine. It helps you read various genres, authors and stories at the same time. And to lessen your mighty To Be Read pile.

Is it bad?

It can be if a person does not grasp anything and gets confused with storylines and concepts. You have to be comfortable and confident while reading multiple books. Don’t go for it if you get confused.

Do I recommend reading multiple books?

I read multiple books at a time sometimes, but not more than three. And I make sure to keep time fixed for each book in that case. For example, If I am reading a non-fiction book, I try to read it in the morning, fantasy/fiction at night. To be honest, I recently picked up this habit and that’s the reason I am reading more and more these days. So, I recommend this method if it works for you.

How to read multiple books effectively?

There's no point if you are reading for the sake of it. Be it fiction or nonfiction, you need to at least know what you are reading. Reading multiple books may lead to confusion. So, how can one read multiple books effectively?

1. Work on the combination

If you are planning to read two or more books at a time, work on the combination. I usually pair light read with the heavy one or fiction with non-fiction. Because variety makes it fun.

2.Take notes

If you are a slow reader like me, or maybe a beginner at multiple books reading, you may opt to take reading notes. I love to take notes while reading for all the cases so it becomes easy for me. Maintaining a reading journal helps in many ways so you can give it a try.

3. Balance it well

You can’t stare at the screen all day, but it is also not possible to get a paperback for every book. So, pair an ebook with a paperback. When your eyes get tired of looking at the screen, go for paperback. And when you can’t take out your paperback, go for your ebook. ( Yaay, now you are a reading Ninja)

4. Use Goodreads

I recently started using Goodreads actively to keep track of my reading. I mark my reading progress there. It helps me document my reading and also the reading speed and updates.

That’s all I do. Let me know if you have any other tricks.

Overall, there are pros, and there are cons. I recommend not to read more than three books at a time. But it’s a personal choice. Also, if it does not work for you, stick to one book, finish it and then go for the next. Don’t pressurize yourself.

Happy Reading!


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