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Reflections of a Mind by Gurmeet Singh : Book Review

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Sometimes, it gets tough for me to read novels or even short stories. In such times, poetry is always my escape. Reading and writing poetry works as a healing element for me. So, I recently read an inspirational and thought-provoking poetry collection, and this post is to give out the review of the same.

Reflections of a Mind by Gurmeet Singh is a poetry collection of 60+ poems that beautifully compels you to see things with unique perspectives. These poems are based on most of the things in our lives that we ignore the essence of. For a disclaimer, there are no poems about romance, separation or yearning.

The poems in this collection are of different themes. To name a few, the topics of these poems are dreams, thoughts, different roads that we take in our lives, freedom, obsessions, jealousy, self- doubts, victory, time, etc. So, one thing you can expect from this book is the diversity of the themes revolving around the origin of them, the mind.

“Sail this with an open mind and a closer heart” is the opening line of the preface page of this book. Trust me, this book had me from that page until the end. With every poem, I could see how freely our perspectives can roam and vary and we can still be right at our places.

Being lost has beauty

A sharp shame of clarity

The purity of darkness, it's black, so it's clear,

At fully to seek out, you'll find a personality

Though poetry collections are usually small, I take time to read them because I always find some lines that hit me hard. This book was no exception. In fact, almost every poem was making me think about several things. The author ended the book with a poem named ‘There is no epilogue’ which says ‘there is no ending’. This last poem depicts the things we can achieve with endless thoughts, ideas, dreams, new beginnings and with reflections of our mind.

The most amazing thing about this book is that no poem looks like the repetitive kinds that we see surfing on the internet. Every poem is written unconventionally and that won my heart. The language is rhythmic and beautifully powerful yet easy. To all the poetry fans, new and ardent ones, dreamers, achievers, and even those, who are in a difficult phase of their lives, I highly recommend this book to you. This may not solve your problems but will give you a different perspective on living. Take my word, you won’t regret it!

Personal note: I came home recently after 8 months and a poem from this book exactly tells how I am feeling right now.

Coming Home

Coming home has stronger arrival,

It’s got an underlying warmth,

An unsaid responsibility

Satisfaction of an awkward power

A resistance of your own jungle.

It’s the inner realm of quiescing and peace,

Knowing your anarchies and demons

Home is accepting your wars and awards

When you’re arriving close to the bindings,

Mastering your defaults and smiles,

That’s when you’re coming home.


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