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Seven Kinds of People You Find at Bookshop: Book Review

It is unfortunate when you pick up a book that you expect a lot from, but the book ends up disappointing you.

The author owns a bookshop and tries to classify the people he sees from behind the counter. Now, even though he sees people fairly enough times, he observes their behaviour closely, the way everything described just didn't engage me. I have been to bookshops justly enough times, and I know what kind of reader/book buyer I am. I certainly know enough bookish people to draw out conclusions on their types. I know the very epic types of book buyers. I am sure, you too, as a reader can list the kinds of people you see in bookshops. So, I was expecting this book to be very entertaining. What blurb and reviews promised me is this book is witty and relatable. I could not find it that way. At least, this should have made me smile. In fact, I found certain observations very mean. It is a very short and sarcastic but non-entertaining book. I just could not finish it. There was something very repulsive about this book, so it turned out to be a major disappointment for me.

I am doing this reading project of reading books about books/libraries/bookstores/ reading, etc. Most of the books that I have read or are on my list, I expect these books to be relatable. I expect these books to be in a certain way. But the writing scheme of this author seemed quite boring. Two more books by this author are on my list namely “The diary of a bookseller” and “Confessions of a bookseller” and now I am sceptical about both of these books. Have you read these? Your thoughts?

As this is an extremely short book, you may try it but I do not really recommend it.

Which was the last disappointing book that you have read?

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