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Shapes of Water By Abierto Reino : A Poetry and Short Stories Collection that gave me goosebumps

“Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble." -Yehuda Berg

Shapes of water is a poetry and short stories collection that focuses on the transcendent aspects of humankind. The book is about us. Humans. It takes us on a wave of emotions, reminding us how we feel, how we should feel and why it is okay to feel that way. Because everything has an end and we can overcome anything and everything we come across. There is a pain, but there is hope too.

This book made an impact on me from page one itself. When I read the preface, I was sure that I was going to like it and I did. The beginning of this book talked about our origin and how we are equal, made up of earth and water. We have our angels and demons inside us and that’s how we mirror each other.

This book accurately shows how powerful words can be and for someone like me, who always finds her solace in beautiful and powerful words, this book was a gem. The author has connected all the scattered dots of humanity to bring out the real image of what we are.Humans.

Written in a simple yet impactful language, each poem and story in this book is crafted with depth and care. It touches you, moves you, breaks you, makes you feel everything possible and even motivates you. So much in so fewer lines. I had to read some lines twice to understand what those lines mean. The language was easy, but depth was not. I am still not sure if my understanding gave justice to what was written. The stories of loss were painful. The loss here was not about only humans, but about belongings. One of the stories was related to the lives of refugees and I don’t know if I could understand the pain, but I was shattered and even got goosebumps. The book made my heart heavy in some parts. I don’t know how Abierto managed to write this book in such a simple way. But yes, there are some trigger warnings. So, that’s a heads up.

The poems were not just some random floating line, rhyming with every word. No! They were meaningful. Every word was meaningful. I am sorry for this personal review but I am a sucker for words. For the stories that give me goosebumps.

When the book ended, I realized that I felt all the emotions. All.

This book is added to one of my favorite poetry books. If you are looking for reading something that will move you and give you goosebumps, pick this book up. Now.


Some of my favorite lines from the book


Shall we not

be recognized

by the strings


bind us together?


only then

will we be

the knot of humanity



it was my choice

to love, to battle, to stay

and in choice

is power

I took it all

- Out of darkness


When our children cry

over the cold creeping under their skin

freezing their tiny bones

into shining marble

When the mother

no longer holds them in comfort

but they look towards the horizon

hoping she might show up

When winter’s snow

is a white blanket

under their tiny bare feet

catching the colors

of blue and purple

When their cries

terrified in the night

have no voice to the world


we have all truly


Citizens between borders

- Citizens between borders


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