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Updated: May 22, 2020

Dear sister, Thanks for everything.

Right from our childhood, you were there for my every need. Directly-indirectly , I have became a carbon copy of you.

We have shared many (every) dresses and secrets.

We were diaries of one another, but now that we are ageing maybe we have made our own compartments separately. Or Maybe I am wrong to think so.

Maybe in search of our own space, some things are kept private.

I love how few things were only between us and they are still the same.

It's amazing how we think the same about few people. You've saved me many times. You've saved me from makeup  and wardrobe disasters.

The food you cook for me, and the blessings I offer you for that will forever be the story of our lives.The way I used to annoy you by putting your name in random song is still the cutest thing I find to annoy you. ❤

I know, with time, we may go away by distance. But our hearts will always miss a beat for one another.

Ohh, sister you are the prettiest soul and the craziest mind I have ever met. Our love-hate relationship is forever.✨

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