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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

In a farm full of sunflowers, There was a breeze of warmth

With no fix direction. Sunflowers were standing strong; in rows and columns, Just like the yellow horizon.

They somehow teach me

With their yellowish part, to bloom and shine, no matter how dark matter I surround,

I need to get up and restart.

Their "not so bright" middle portion represents a truth of life. Even if you belong to the brightest side, someday, your that side will be accompanied by the darker one.

Sunflowers hold so many stories within themselves.

They always turn their back to darkness; And stand eyed at the sun

And we humans, whenever there is a trouble,

Why do we decide to run?

Sunflowers ; Deeply rooted in grounds, stand tall and strong.

Even if sunshine goes away, Sunflowers will smell like it.

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