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The American Dream by Rajeshwari Nukala : Book Review

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Living in a different country can be tough. Of course! You are away from your loved ones, your culture, and maybe from everything that makes you feel home. You just can’t go there and get settled without feeling homesick. ( At least I won’t). And surely there are other things to adjust too. So, though it feels great to settle abroad, it is not easy. I have recently read such a book that narrates the experiences of the lead character about settling in the USA and all the related struggles. It is called The American Dream.

The American Dream by Rajeshwari Nakula is a story of Sonam who shifts to America with her husband Raj and her son Rahul. She pictures America to be dreamy in all the ways, but when she goes there, the real struggle starts. The DIY culture in America troubles Sonam. She doesn't know how to cook and other household stuff. Hiring a house-help in America can be expensive, so she does not have any option other than doing all the work herself, at which she miserably fails. Even after sending her resume to recruiters, she does not land up a job. IIM graduate Sonam has an experience of working in the finance field for eight good years, and she still does not find a job in America. So, from Indian banker to American housewife, Sonam’s life turns upside down. Everything goes exactly opposite to what Sonam has planned about her life in America. That makes her question her existence and her worth.

Conversely, her husband Raj feels like paradise in America. He does not even feel homesick. He keeps telling Sonam that she will have to adjust until she gets used to the entire America thing. Sonam starts getting bored, and on top of that, she fails to make friends there. But one day, a call changes her life completely. So much so that she starts living her American dream. But is that all she wanted? That is what the further story is all about.

The reading experience was like a roller coaster ride for me. With a hint of sarcasm and Indianness, this book made me laugh and relate to things. With proper emotional dosage, this book made my eyes teary. This book not only tells Sonam’s journey but also covers some issues like societal norms, LGBTQ+, family expectations, struggles of being a working mom, etc.) The story gives out a strong message at the end. I must say, the character development is so good that you start feeling connected to them. The book is written in first person and language is super lucid. Overall, the plot is fresh, and anyone can read it. So, I recommend this book, because it was a super good read for me.

I read this book as a part of a readathon called #madeinindiareadathon which is about reading books by Indian authors to promote the Indian literature. I read this book for two prompt - A book by Indian female author and A debut book by Indian author. I have so many books on my readathon TBR so stay tuned for the diverse book reviews!

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