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The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos, Eszter Miklós

Ben, a cute little boy loves to draw. He draws wherever he gets a chance: on the breakfast table, school bus, during lunch, etc. One day he realises that he can make people happy with his drawings. His drawings made people happy. So he decides to open a happiness club. The only criterion to join the club is to make other people of the club happy. Not everybody in the club spoke the same language, but the only language that worked there was a language of happiness. The club grew quickly and millions of people joined it across the globe. As Ben grew up, he continued to make people happy with his drawings. He is now an illustrator and draws for kids' books.

I loved this book so so much. The illustrations are supremely gorgeous and the message of this book is very important for both kids and adults both. It simply tells that you can spread happiness with your talent and good intention no matter what your age is.

It took me not more than 5 mins to read this cute book. Trust me, it is a very important book, and I think all the parents must read it to their kids. If we read such books to kids, I sincerely believe that the world would be a better and kinder place to live in.

The book is available free on Kindle Unlimited.


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