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The Gopi Diaries: Finding Love| Sudha Murty |Sandhya Prabhat|HarperCollins Kids Books

It may sound exaggerating when I say this is the sweetest and most innocent book I have read in recent times. This book is a part of the Gopi Diaries Series. The first part is called Gopi Diaries: Coming home which was about Gopi’s entry into Sudha Murthy's family and getting used to the ‘human ways’. This second books is about Gopi’s bonding with family members, some fun adventures, emotional encounters and so many other lovely things. The best part is, this book is written from dog's perspective.

I read this book when my family and I were infected with COVID and were going through a really tough phase. In those days, this book warmed my heart to the core. The element that kept me hooked is the innocence, cuteness and very very adorable illustrations by Sadhya Prabhat.

Just a little heads up, this book may convince you to pet a dog. :P

Read my review of first part here - The Gopi Diaries : Coming Home

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