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  • Monika Satote

The Lost Soul by Olga Tokarczuk is a book that you need in your life

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

‘’If someone could look down on us from above, they’d see that the world is full of people running about in a hurry, sweating and very tired, and their lost souls always left behind, unable to keep up with their owners. The result is great confusion as the souls lose their heads, and the people cease to have hearts. The souls know they’ve lost their owners, but most of the people don’t realize that they’ve lost their souls.’’

I wake up every morning, do a quick round of morning routine and head to work. Technically, I should leave my work at the workplace, but still, parts of it linger in my head. Most days, I am always in a hurry with tons of deadlines, no time for anything beyond what I do every day, constantly trying to get better and higher. I feel I have lost my soul somewhere. If not soul, at least purpose. Why are we running? What is even the destination?

Translated from Polish, Olga Tokarczuk’s little book “ The Lost Soul” is all about that. About us. About how we are all so tired, helpless and directionless on most of the days. A story of us told via a young man’s story. A very few words and beautiful pictures act as a mirror for us. We see ourselves there.

It is a must-read, life-changing book. It urges you to slow down a bit.

Go for it, now. Trust me, you need it.


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