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The Missing City - Book Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to go on an adventurous journey into another dimension? Well, we have seen this in Hollywood movies, so it's quite imaginable. All the movies that are set in different dimensions always fascinate me. If you are someone who loves this kind of adventure, fun and interesting stories, then I have a book recommendation for you. I have recently finished reading a book called The Missing City and I loved it. Here’s my review.

Book Name : The Missing City

Author : Srishti Rathore

Publisher: Papertown India

Storyline :

The story line goes like this - Sumi and Rahel, who are best friends and share the love for reading books, go to the book fair. Upon reaching the destination, Sumi finds out that some random person is following them and something is wrong with him. But because Rahel asks her to ignore it, she does that. After some time, the person attacks them and they are suddenly pulled into another dimension through a mirror. - The dimension of guardians of mankind.

Completely shocked, Sumi and Rahel get to know that they are pulled into the guardian world and there’s a reason behind that. The guardian city has gone missing and the mirror of responsum has shown their faces in the form of help. The royal guardian princes, Alexis and Aaron, the princess Savyasachi, along with other guardians, Freya, Zelda, Ethan, Myra, Topher, are on the mission to find this city. The story goes on as they discover where their city must have gone. The further adventure is about how Sumi and Rahel aid this mission and how they help the guardians. It is full of twists and turns, and there's suspense too.

Review :

What I loved the most about this book is the originality of the ideas even though the concept was familiar. This book has the perfect mixture of drama, fantasy, and fiction. The scenes are very well described and I was able to visualise the scenes. This is highly possible because of the movies I have seen, but I think it was the description that was written so well. Because, while reading, I had characters in my head and I followed this through the entire read. So, in my mind, I know how Sumi and Rahel look like and how each guardian looks.

Another thing that I loved is, the unusual character names, amazing explanations of different superpowers and some really cool guardian facts. This is really necessary in fantasy fiction because it gives that extra feel while reading. And the bonus is, this story has a hint of mythology too. First few pages of this book get hold of you and that makes it irresistible to read further.

About the narration, I appreciate the way the author has chosen to narrate different chapters by different characters. A few chapters are narrated by Sumi and other chapters are by Rahel. This gave advantage where both of them were separated and had their own story to tell. So, this was a nice move by the author to not to miss any happenings on either side.

The only thing that turned me down about this book while reading was, the story got slightly stretched in the middle and that made this book quite longer. But again, maybe it was required to plot the perfect suspense. The suspense and twists in this story are well written and well put in the sequence. So, I am perfectly ok with it. In fact, when I reached the end, I wanted this story to continue slightly further, maybe one or two bonus chapters.

I absolutely recommend this book, if you are a fan of fantasy and fiction. This can be an interesting read for you.

As it’s a fantasy fiction, I could not point out any key learnings from this book. But if I have to summarize my reflections, then it goes like this : “ There will be difficult times in your life. Sometimes people you love may turn against you. Sometimes, you can’t do anything about what’s happening. But if you are brave enough to face anything with patience, things will get better. Knowledge is a superpower which can beat any other special power, so use it wisely.”

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