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  • Monika Satote

The Panda, The Cat and The Dreadful Teddy

The Internet is full of toxic positivity, and so is the real life, and that annoys me. Spreading 'good vibes' and ‘positivity' is a great thing to do but we need to be a little bit practical while doing that.

Let's understand with an example. Once the doctor told an overweight person that due to higher BMI ( which is 25+) that person should consider losing weight because that is leading to other health complications. The patient said that she wants to be positive about her body, any shape is fine for her. Do you see what happened here? This would have made sense if the doctor told her to lose weight for looks, but here it was the case of health. Body positivity is something we all need in our life but it is a completely different concept and we surely should not use it as a fancy word to excuse ourselves. And by the way, body positivity isn't only about weight, it is also about taking good care of your body.

So tell me have you come across any such incident? Any toxic positivity talk?

This book here highlights the same thing. If you are tired of “You can do it” shit, give this book a try. I heard that this book is a parody of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse ( which I have not read but heard many good things about ). I am sure this book did not want to cancel the original one but it surely made me laugh in some parts.

It's hilarious but confusing in some parts.

We have a Panda, a Cat and a Teddy. The Panda and The Cat are tired of all the 'positivity' this teddy keeps spreading.

The doodles in this book are great and childish but the content, oh boy! It's not for kids at all. It has foul language on every page. It was excessive so I did not like that aspect of it. Nevertheless, the book attacks toxic positivity at many levels. But as I said, it's slightly confusing and leaves you thinking if the previous incident is related to what you are reading or it's just a thread.

Overall an okayish but hilarious read!


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