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The Star Tree is a beautiful book about memories and simple pleasures

I have a love-hate relationship with cities. The volume of opportunities cities give is huge but the noise, the fast-paced setting makes me restless. I feel like screaming some days but I know nobody will hear that. The screams get lost in the city and so do the celebratory cheers. The worst part about living alone in cities is not being able to celebrate traditionally, not being able to connect over food and music peacefully, and not being able to rejuvenate bonds with our loved ones.

You just lose yourself in your day. You work, eat, read and sleep. You seldom think about the ‘people around you. It’s not your fault. It’s the vibe around you. I almost miss how it feels to be cheerful and my true self around people. It’s complicated, it really is.  

The Star Tree by Gisela Cölle//

A big city, a little house and an old man. He had lived there for as long as he could remember. He watched the city grow up, from empty fields to towering skyscrapers.  Nobody knows about this old man. He is lonely.

One winter night, this old man thinks of the Christmases from his time. He cherishes the good memories and times with his friends and family, the gatherings, the carols and the celebration. He smiles at the remembrance of how kids used to make gold paper stars to hang everywhere in the house. He gets saddened by how the noisy and fast city does not celebrate the festivals this way. Everyone is busy in their lives. But this old man decides to do something to beat his blues and that creates a lovely celebratory event for the people around him.

This is a sweet little book with beautiful illustrations that will make you feel nostalgic. It delicately comprises the importance of loved ones, the festivals, the little things and simple pleasure in our lives, memories and loneliness. It ends on a warm and peaceful note that will leave you pondering. I definitely recommend it.


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