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Three Thousand Stitches - Book Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I have always been a fan of Sudha Murthy’s books because she writes in a very simple language. To connect with readers is more important for her than using complex words to show off her vocabulary. She even said this in an interview with Shashi Tharoor when he asked her about the simple language of the book.

Well, you will see that connection when you start reading her book: Three thousand stitches – Ordinary people, extraordinary lives!

I was travelling to Pune with my mother when I started this book. The first story itself was so engaging and heart touching that I couldn’t resist myself from keep reading. As I moved further, each story had something to tell me in a very simple way. While reading, the one thought that came to my mind was “This world has so many people that I haven’t met yet, there is so much to live and experience.”

The subtitle of the book says, it is full of extraordinary lives of ordinary people and each of the eleven stories justifies this so well. In this book, you will find stories on various phases of her life like from her engineering college, a story where she was treated badly because she was dressed simply, a story which shows what a simple act of courage can change thousands of lives. One of the stories explains the title of this book. I will not mention what it is about, as I want you to read it on your own because when I read the title of this book, I was very curious about it.

My takeaways from this book are :

  1. There are so many people in this world that we haven't met. They have their own stories.

  2. Every incident in our life shapes us in a different way.

  3. A small act of courage can change many lives.

You can complete this book in very less time but you will need almost a week to process the learnings from this book. Unfortunately, I could not finish it in a go. But you can, because of #quarantine!

Check out this book here :



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