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Tigers For Dinner: Tall Tales By Jim Corbett's Khansama

This is an adventuresome book for kids and adults. It has a bunch of short stories about the experiences of Jim Corbett and his family cook Mehmoud who narrates these tales to the author. Mehmoud served as cook to the popular hunter Jim Corbett and later joined the kitchen at Ruskin Bond's house. Ruskin Bond, as a child used to gobble up the tasty food made by the cook while listening to the fun stories by the cook.  Through the stories, Mehmoud talks about Jim Corbett's hunting rounds and his own ventures from the jungle with man-eating tigers, cobras, man-hunting crocodiles, Maharajas, frightful pillows and how he saved himself. This exaggerated version of the stories feed the curiosity of little Ruskin and he makes his friends jealous by telling the stories of his brave cook.

Exaggerated or not, I loved these stories filled with humor, captivating illustrations and simple narration. This book hits nostalgia, not in the terms of adventures because I haven't wrestled with tigers or cobras, but the love for stories, especially as a child was something I could relate to. Can't wait to read this book once again with my niece and nephew. 

Definitely recommended for the fun stories and gorgeous illustrations.


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