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Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra : A Memoir of a Global Icon

I'm ‘assuming’ that everybody knows Priyanka Chopra, maybe through her global success or the controversies around her. I am neither a fan nor a hater. But, I love reading memoirs to know the part before the people become the ‘people’ we know. And that’s why I decided to read ( listen) Unfinished on Audible . The best thing is the author herself is the narrator. Considering people know who Priyanka Chopra is, I am directly jumping to the review part. I am nowhere mentioning the chain of major events because it is known to people and even if not, they will know if they read the book.

What I liked about the book :

1.The book starts with a touching and thoughtful dedication to Priyanka’s dad. And soon after, the book starts so well. I mean it is interesting enough to make you stay and read.

2. The author made sure to keep the desi words desi like Monaco biscuits, Antakshari, Maggie, Aam Papad, Roka, Mehendi, etc. and then explained those in English. This is one of the things that I admire a lot when authors do it. Cultural references and explanations.

3.The parts she talked about her vulnerabilities as a child, as a miss world, as a debut actress and even as a Global star are admirable. It takes a whole new level of courage to do that especially when the world sees you as a strong, fierce, independent woman in each sense. So, going back and admitting that you used to put someone else over your career, or work schedule can come back to you. She did it. She told the truth there and I admire the honesty.

4. I have always followed the Bollywood news till I was a college student so I knew many of the things she told in this book. But as I was expecting from the book, I got many backstories, and worth mentioning is how she got into a modelling career, beauty pageants and some small yet great moments with her parents. This book displays a great bond between her and her parents that makes you go woah and aww. She mentions it all again and again which seems small to mention but a great gesture.

5. She mentioned the names of the people who helped her or her family in the slightest of the inconveniences or the biggest of the deals. For eg when a guy helped her parents to get a flight to India after her homecoming after winning the crown or her uncle and aunts taking care of her and her brother.

6. am so glad the book has a really short part about Bollywood because we know a lot of stuff already through the news. So, good that she focused more on her life journey than the Bollywood journey. Phew! I was worried about this part.

7. I don’t know about the reading experience, or writing style because listening to her memoir in her voice was fun as the real emotions were getting delivered. Anyways, I feel weird commenting on the writing styles of memoirs.

What I did not like:

1. After some chapters, I feel that the content of the book was rushed a little and that impacted the flow of the information being delivered.

2. There was an instant where I felt that she was justifying her past action. As per me, memoirs aren’t for justifying your actions. It happened, so let it be, why explain?

3.Even though Priyanka kept the desi references, the book feels to be only targeted at western audiences in some parts.

Read this book if you are looking for a fun and entertaining read. If you have always followed Bollywood news, you may not find many new things in here but I am sure there's a lot to learn from the author's journey. If you are looking for the explanations of the controversies, or her detailed Bollywood journey, her love interests, then this book isn't for you. Overall, I enjoyed it. A good read with touching, witty and warm narration. Just a few shortcomings that I have already mentioned above.


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