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Where do you go to find inspiration

Do you go places where sky meets the water? Or you find your inspiration, sitting quite in your home? Getting lost in the timber is a good way, I guess! No, Wait. Go where you want to roam.

Do you visit noisy market where your soul can yell? And no one will bother! I think sitting by the river side is the best way. No wait. You can just walk and go farther.

What say about some quality time with mates? Or you go to library to check some volume? Writing few verses is an amazing way, I feel. I mean, you decide if you want to stay in your room.

Don’t just feel stirred By taking a leaf out of someone’s book. The quill is not needed in your bonnet On them, it may look good.


Idiom used –

To take a leaf out of someone’s book – To copy what someone else does because they are successful at doing it.

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