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  • Monika Satote

While the birds still sing by Ruskin Bond | Natraj Books

I love it when the books we need in our lives find the way to us at the right time. Ruskin Bond’s “While the birds still sing” is such a calming book that you need when things are not going as you want. While there’s no story to this book, I still decided to find one through the snippets shared here. The short paragraphs mention Mr. Bond's life in mountains, different phases, relationship with hills, trees, windows, flowers, birds etc. I have read many books by him but nowhere do I find the incidents, stories or thoughts to be repetitive.

I want to specify that I just adored the portion where he talked about his relationship with trees. He says trees welcome him as they know him well. He talks about the cherry seed that he randomly planted and went away for some time. After his return, he found the tree there. In some days, it bloomed, and then there were red cherries. Then he talked about some history, mythology and random facts about trees. It was the most interesting portion of the book.

There are some simplistic lines/quotes which I needed to get a different perspective on certain things. Strange how words can convince you to make some decisions, just love it.

All simple things seem silly and cliched to read most of the time, but sometimes you just need them.

Lookwise, This is one of the most gorgeous books I own because the illustrations inside are beyond beautiful. It made me search for the most beautiful plants and flowers in my neighbourhood.

Thank you @natrajbooks for sending this gorgeous book my way. I am going to cherish this and come back to it again when I am in need of some simple wisdom.

A perfect book for nature lovers.


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