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  • Monika Satote

Whole: 11 Universal Truths For An Inspired Life By Pamela Puja Kirpalani

WHOLE is an insightful book that completely renewed my lost interest in the self-help genre. With its simplicity and resourceful nature, the book delivers the kind of boost that many of us might need right now. At least, I was. ( Sincerely & desperately)

The book comprises 11 topics such as Happiness, Willpower, Creativity, Integrity, Humility, Alignment, Self-care, Awareness, Acceptance, Altruism, Courage, Forgiveness.

All these chapters make you conscious about these topics with sharpness backed by some research, psychological evidence, spiritual content and real-life cases. My personal favourite chapter is on creativity because I resonated with it much more than any other section. It is so relevant to current times as we are all buried under stressful situations and challenging events. It talks about how stress leads to low inspiration and creativity & how we can overcome it. Some unique solutions like going into the alpha mode, circadian rhythms, Aha breakthroughs are given in the book. Similarly, every chapter has something new to offer. The minutes at the end of each chapter are so extensive that I see future me going back to summaries of some chapters.

The book flows easily, and even novice readers can read it without any obstruction. I wholeheartedly recommend this because it certainly did some shift in my mindset. The book made me ask myself a few questions, and I am happy with the self-interrogation it caused.

Also, a good recommendation for those who are trying to come back to this genre.

Go for it.



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