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Winter (Part 2)/ Because I can't get over you.

Updated: May 22, 2020

Dear Winter, I admire you the most.

My heart jumps when I think of you.

I love many things about you.

Ohh winter, the candle that burns on my table and the light that spread around is the most breathtaking scene I have ever witnessed.

The fascinating shades that you bring in our life are the real contrast to the white ground that you create.

The silence that is around is compensated by the cuddles of our loved ones.

You offer us a chance to ask someone for a coffee date without any hesitation.

The decorative evenings of Christmas and New Year that you bring, help us throwing our worries away.

The piercing winter wind sings it own song and we do nothing but dance.

The bonfire session under the starry skies turns our minutes into hours bewitchingly.

I am always amazed with the complicated details you carry with yourself.

I can't thank you enough.

Yours, The girl who love you the most.

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