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Review Policy


If you are an author, blogger or a publisher interested in sending me a book for review, I am happy to consider your request. But before we proceed, have a look at my review policy and promotion plans.


  1. I read books from all the genres except erotica.

  2. I prefer paperbacks for a better experience, but if your book isn’t available in my country/area ( India) or if it is not released yet, I can accept an ebook. In case of not released case, you may send me an advanced reader copy ( ARC). Currently accepting paperbacks only.

  3. I may take a minimum of 2-3 weeks to read and review the book, but it depends on the number of review copies I have with me. If I have fewer copies, I can complete in 1 week as well. It also depends on the number of pages your book has. So, I will really appreciate your patience with me. 

  4. I post book reviews on my Instagram page, blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter. 

  5. I charge for reviewing books and the full amount is accepted in advance. While making a payment, please add the price of paperback copy plus the shipping charges. 

  6. I try my best to take your book to a wider audience, therefore I can guarantee visibility but not the sales. 


Review System:

I give unbiased reviews on the mentioned platforms but I don’t believe in rating books by the star system. Unfortunately, I have to use this on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon. So, this is my rating system:


  • 5 stars: Loved it. I highly recommend it.

  • 4 stars: Really liked it.

  • 3 stars: Liked it but a part or an element of your book disappointed me.  But I let people know why they should consider reading it.

  • 2 stars: It was okay. I mention which part upset me.

  • 1 star: Did not like it. Can’t recommend it. 


I provide value to the audience by telling them why one should read a particular book and why one shouldn’t. I do this by specifically mentioning the optimum readers. I personally feel that each book has something positive and something negative. I am strictly against trashing a book but I try to provide a genuine opinion. If I positively criticize any book, it will be directed towards the book and NOT towards the author or publisher. 


Reach and Stats as on Oct 8, 2021 - ( Subject to variation)



Review Packages


Plan 1:  Rs. 500 + Book Charges

What would you get?

  • A book review on Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and Goodreads


Plan 2 : Rs. 900 + Book Charges

What would you get?

  • A book review on Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and Goodreads

  • A post on my blog 

Plan 3 : Rs. 1200 + Book Charges

What would you get?

  • A book review on Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and Goodreads

  • Review post on Facebook 

  • A post on my blog

  • 1 day extra promotion

Note : Review on Amazon is subjected to approval from Amazon team. 

If you are interested in getting your book reviewed, email me at 

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