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Crazier Side of My Quarantine: From Installing TikTok to Dancing at 1 AM

Updated: May 22, 2020

Whatever going on around us is unusual. Being in self-isolation, we are bound to keep ourselves entertained and engaged even though there is a lot of work to be done. My quarantine has been a series of sane and insane things I have done. I think, most of the people find the insane things I have done relatable. That's why I decided to blog this.

1. Joined a meeting straight out of my bed

Don’t judge me, okay! We are just not used to this kind of working pattern and it was tough for me one day. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has done this. Well, you don’t have a choice when the meeting is early in the morning.

2. Dressed up to go nowhere

Another crazy thing I have done is dressing up to go nowhere. I dressed up, groomed myself well and went nowhere. This is crazy because even if I want to go out, I don’t do this with so much of interest. But quarantine has done something to us and we are just not behaving ourselves.

3. Used phone for 8 hrs in a day

This is very unhealthy, I know.

I have a habit of tracking phone usage and in quarantine, the usage shot up like anything. It went from 4 hrs to 8 hrs, social media apps being the most-used apps. There are many apps for tracking your phone usage. I use YourHand, which I totally recommend using.

4. Panicked over being extra productive

As I mentioned earlier, I have done many productive things in this quarantine, which I am super proud of. But there were constant panic attacks for being extra productive. I could see people chilling, binge-watching, spending time on the coolest things. I was focused on being productive, which is a good thing. (Not out of any pressure, I was doing it willingly) & still, I was extremely panicked. This is the weirdest stuff that has occurred to me and I still could not figure out, why?

5. Installed TikTok

I have never imagined that I will do this, even for a day. So, one day, my boredom level was so high that and I installed Tiktok and spent half an hour watching people doing stupid challenges. I was happy with the concept of Digital India first, but after watching some Tiktoks, I think we need to ban some people from using this app. Those were the crazy 30 minutes. I uninstalled the app, immediately.

6. Danced in the Kitchen at 1 AM

This is not embarrassing at all. My newly found love for the Bollywood dance made me to this. I didn’t dance on a song or something, but I did practice a step, that I was not getting for a week. And I got it at midnight.

This was the crazier side of my quarantine. I am sure, you must have done some crazier things too. Let me know in the comments.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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