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Life After Quarantine

Updated: May 22, 2020

It’s been more than a month that we are in self-quarantine. It feels so long and honestly, I am wanting to get out of my house but cannot and advice you to stay in too. We need to follow this for a few more days (hopefully) and take care of ourselves. That’s all we can do and must do.

When this quarantine began, everyone’s routine was disturbed. This is the first time we are experiencing something like this. We were just used to get up and run to the places, do our work, meet people, get out and eat, etc. But suddenly, we were told to stay home. I believe, all of us panicked in the beginning. Most of the people had only one question which was “How can we live like this?” And as time passed, here we are – living in our houses, with an optimum amount of whatever we need, with no external luxuries and still ALIVE. Interesting!

I usually indulge myself in a self-dialogue, in which, I don’t talk it out but a series of thoughts travel in my head. On one of the recent days, I was thinking about what it will be like after quarantine? Will things change? Are we humans going to live in a different way? What has this quarantine has done to us?

Well, quarantine is the reboot that we all needed. ( We did not ask for COVID'19 though. )

If you look at the social media now, it is full of art, recipes, food, reading recommendations, exercise routines, etc. Before the virus, it was full of pictures from Starbucks, expensive restaurants, crowded malls, and whatnot. Where it all disappeared?

I guess, we just don’t need it for survival. (Okay, there are people who think they survive on Starbucks coffee but now they have to survive on Dalgona coffee instead). So, after quarantine, I guess, people will focus on their hobbies. Finding time for what you love isn't that tough, anyway. Some of us have found our passions too and that may lead to increase in resigns. This is the conclusion I am quoting from the content I am reading on internet every now and then. (Passion be like Apna time aagaya! )

Work From Home

Another thing I observed is, most people can work from home. This may lead to a change in work patterns after quarantine. This is totally based on the type of industry you are working with though. But yes, work from home is likely to get normalized. But after this quarantine is over, I am pretty sure that there will be an excessive amount of work for all of us and that’s fair. Be prepared for that.

We are born free. Hmmmm.

In my entire life, I have taken freedom for granted. I bet, all of us have. But after quarantine, I don’t think it will be the same. Not sure about everyone, but I am going to be grateful whenever I go out and eat food, watch a movie, go shopping, etc. This is the one thing that you can practice for positivity in your life - Being grateful for what you have.

Will time stop?

One thing everyone is going to miss after this quarantine is the amount of time we have with us. There are people who are using it wisely, while some are just using it for chilling. You should not force yourself to be productive during this pandemic. We all are supposed to stay home and take care of ourselves, and that’s enough! Forcing yourself to do many things can affect your mental health badly. So, don’t do that. Doing what you have been doing is fine as far as you are NOT getting into that extreme phase of doing nothing.

So, stay in habit of doing minimum work that you should be doing in a day. Otherwise, you will face complications later.

There are many other things that are going to change but I prefer not to comment on those because I am not the right person to do so.

What do you think about life after the quarantine?

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