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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Every single day, I think of some random verses. A few that are relatable, And some of them are very different.

I feel sad, sometimes. And to stop sinking, I write a poem. I do the same, To stop floating , With my infinite happiness.

I roam around, In the town. I buy some random stuff. I click picture of it, And write four lines about it. To keep the best possible memory of that stuff, Even if that isn't worth it.

I sing, And then I change the lyrics. "Hey, you are wrong!" , They say. And I worry not. Because I literally love to change the lyrics, Of every song that I sing. I want to flaunt my Rhyming skills, Everytime.

Yes, you are right. If you think ,I am insane. Because trust me, You will find your verse ,one day. May be without a rhyme, But meaningful, Totally.

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